• brazil: we are going win this game
  • germany: *scores first goal*
  • brazil: well there are still 70 minutes left, we can still win
  • germany at 23 minutes: TOOOOOOOR
  • germany at 24 minutes: TOOOOOOOR
  • germany at 26 minutes: TOOOOOOOR
  • germany at 29 minutes: TOOOOOOOR
  • brazil: ...
  • brazil: i came out to have a good time and i am honestly feeling so attacked right now
  • brazil: putas

It’s my graduation tomorrow and up until today it seemed as if nothing would ruin this day. But what do you know? My brother and mother do nothing better than ruin EVERYTHING. For one day I wanted all of us to be together to commemorate this new chapter but of coarse it will only be us four at my graduation. I’m more upset than anything because it seems as if to my brother we will always be second plate left out in the back burner so obviously he won’t be coming. I understand he has been trying to reach me but I’m really hurt that he won’t be coming because he has no valid reason. I don’t want to hear his bullshit and listen to him talk about himself only. So now I’m the bad guy for not wanting to talk to someone who is too selfish to even care until it’s too late…


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Monroe and Presley.

This is the most perfect picture I have ever seen ok.


And notice how he doesn’t have a six pack and she isn’t bone thin. Beautiful.

^ no.



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think of the amount of bullshit this guy went through to get it to look perfect to him.. but he’s spot on

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